Volvo XC60: Best Medium Luxury SUV 2021

June 2, 2021

Drive has named the Volvo XC60 as the Best Medium Luxury SUV for 2021.  It’s this modern approach, combined with an interior that feels properly luxurious that sees the Volvo XC60 takes the award.

The stylish Scandinavian is the only finalist to offer a plug-in hybrid choice, along with more traditional petrol and diesel power. Strong by design, the beautiful details meet with SUV toughness and a dynamic stance to make the XC60 a car with a strong, refined character.

What’s more, everything is presented with a tremendous sense of quality that lifts the Volvo from being a premium car to a true luxury one. The interior of the XC60 is Scandinavian design at its purest – an effortless blend of form and function. An uncluttered layout creates a calm, inspiring space that means you can enjoy the drive safely and without distraction, while savouring the unique sense of Swedish luxury that surrounds you.

On the road, the luxurious nature of the Volvo continues, offering a compliant and comfortable ride when in urban or touring environments, and the ability to be pleasantly enjoyable in a more dynamic one. You can switch easily between a choice of five drive modes that deliver different settings for the automatic gearbox, steering, brakes, stability control system and engine Start/Stop function. These modes – Comfort, Dynamic, Eco and Off-road, as well as an Individual mode where you can tailor each setting – allow you to adapt the XC60 driving experience to your needs.

Bundle all this with a value package that leads the traditional German brands in this segment, the Volvo XC60 is a well-appointed luxury SUV that seamlessly blends cutting edge safety and technology with a sense of undeniable High Street style.

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