Jaguar XF Stars in the new Bond Film, NO TIME TO DIE

November 7, 2021
The most anticipated James Bond film No Time To Die is on screen in Australian cinemas from November 11th . The Jaguar XF is set to make its debut as the perfect chase car, with a superb blend of ride, handling and refinement.

Two XFs take centre stage during a thrilling chase sequence that sees them weave through the narrow, twisting streets of Matera, Italy, across piazzas and down cobbled steps in pursuit of James Bond.

The scenes demonstrate the XF’s exceptional performance and exhilarating driving capabilities. Jaguar’s all-wheel drive system with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics delivered incredible levels of traction on the low-grip surfaces as it raced around impossibly tight corners. It’s the car’s lightweight aluminium-intensive architecture and advanced suspension design that enable exceptional handling and agility, together with outstanding ride, comfort and refinement.

XF Pushed to the Limits

The film’s special effects and action vehicle supervisor, Chris Corbould, said, “The Jaguar XF was an exciting choice for this high-intensity car sequence. We always look to push the boundaries to extreme limits in our stunts, and this extends to the capabilities of the vehicles too. There is no compromise with this particular scene. There were only inches to spare in the narrow alleyways and no margin for error. The XF shows its performance and driving dynamics.”

Anna Gallagher, Jaguar Brand Director, said, “The Jaguar XF is a car designed to tackle any journey with an unrivalled balance of luxury, comfort and refinement. Whether it’s a high-speed pursuit through twisting streets and piazzas of Southern Italy…or the bustling streets of London – the XF really is a car for every occasion.”

While No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final time as a popular and well-reviewed Bond, for Jaguar fans the XF’s adrenaline-charged performance just might be considered the star attraction.

Watch the behind-the-scenes film of the XF in action on the set of No Time to Die.



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