Ferrari 296 GTB

March 17, 2022

Since being unveiled last year, the Ferrari 296 GTB has received tremendous reviews. The world’s newest prancing horse is being hailed as the “best supercar available today” by Top Gear and a “technological tour de force” by Motor1.

“A huge accomplishment. A successor to the legendary Dino. A genius bit of technical development. A warning shot across McLaren’s bows. Proof downsizing can improve the breed. Evidence that Ferrari has fully got its head around hybrid and electricity.” states Top Gear. The drive is described as “smooth, intimate and connected…massively satisfying to turn: the weighting, the resistance, the connection: all are superb.”

Carfection notes the elegance of the 296 GTB, “the design of the 296 GTB is a clear indication that the Roma was not a one off in bringing back an elegance to Ferrari road cars. It marries the advanced aerodynamic and hybrid drivetrain technology with an aesthetic that harkens back to the 250 LM race car. This hybrid system shows great potential for its usability.”

Watch Henry Catchpole’s full review below:



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