The Land Rover Defender is named Best Upper Large SUV for 2022

March 11, 2022
Drive Car of the Year has put three legendary four wheel drives head to head.

This Year’s Winner is the Land Rover Defender. have reviewed the Land Rover Defender and declared it the best Upper Large SUV for 2022.

“We’ve clocked tens of thousands of kilometres testing variations of the new Land Rover Defender on-road and off, and every time we get behind the wheel it impresses us with its consummate blend of quality, refinement and ability. For most of us, the first time we drive a Defender will be on a sealed road, and you’d scarcely believe that a four-wheel drive of this quality around town would be as capable as it is off-road.

Of course, that’s part of the Land Rover brief. It had to be capable of both roles, without compromise. Even in standard trim, a Land Rover Defender will go a very long way off-road no matter how skilled the driver.

The styling nails the brief, the cabin is exceptional in both its design and execution, and the driving experience from behind the wheel is typically Land Rover. That is, a high seating position, excellent visibility, and powerful, effortless performance. Between petrol and diesel, short and long wheelbase, there’s a Defender to suit almost any application, whether you intend to cross the continent or simply run around town.

The ace up the Defender’s sleeve is the sense of luxury and quality it delivers for the driver. We followed the research and development journey for this new model from the beginning, and got the sense that the design and engineering teams knew exactly how serious the job was. The judges unanimously noted the way the Defender transitions from road to off-road without raising a sweat and is capable of tackling anything that you throw at it.

In every sense, the Defender is the quintessential Land Rover – stylish, beautiful to drive on-road, incredibly capable off-road, and just as comfortable in the valet parking at a hideously expensive hotel as it is crossing the Simpson.”

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