XC60 Protect and Load Pack

July 7, 2021
The new Protect and Load Pack is a new option that offers versatile protection against external factors and allows you to easily and securely transport roof loads. The pack contains a bumper cover, load carrier and a reversible/folding textile load compartment mat all of which is colour-coded and harmonised with the rest of the interior and exterior.
Volvo Cars Perth is offering the new Protect and Load Pack for $699 plus fitting.

Bumper cover
An exclusive styling element made of brushed stainless steel. Protects the bumper against scratches caused when loading and unloading. In addition, the bumper cover has been specially developed to match the other exterior styling parts but also as a separate part.


Load carrier, wing profile for rails
A high quality load carrier for safe and secure transportation of roof loads. The aerodynamically shaped wing profile has been optimised to give minimal air resistance and wind noise, which makes the car journey more comfortable. Easy to install and remove.


Folding textile load compartment mat
A high quality, reversible and folding protective mat. The mat is waterproof with tufted textile on one side on plastic on the other. The mat has an integrated practical dirt cover that can be folded down over the bumper. This prevents clothing becoming dirty and protects the bumper when loading and unloading.




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