Trofeo Range – The Art of Fast

April 6, 2021
Only the most powerful can claim the “Trofeo” badge. Enter a world where art and engineering prowess come together for the most seductive and fastest Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte ever.

High-revving, twin-turbo V8 engines are at the heart of the Trofeo Collection, resulting in exceptional power, speed and acceleration with a sound that rushes through your spine. The chassis have been tuned to deal with the extraordinary power output of the fastest Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte ever while keeping extreme driving comfort. Feel the speed, never lose your poise.

Maserati’s racing heritage is imprinted on the body of each model “Trofeo” means bringing the excitement of the track to the everyday road and doing it with audacious Italian style. It has never been so hard to accept the passenger’s seat.

The Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte Trofeo look as stunning as they perform. The bodies are modelled from the pure idea of speed, enhanced by the innate Italian sense for timeless beauty. The emphasis on the art of fast is carried throughout the details. From the aerodynamic details in high-gloss carbon fibre to the dark finish tail lights through to the race-inspired wheels and the Trofeo badge on the iconic air vents with red accents, a mere glimpse is all it takes to get a resounding confirmation of the power within.

The Maserati racing heritage has been refined to sculpted natural leather sports seats, carbon fibre patterns, Trofeo-specific instrument clusters, cutting edge technology and the impressive concert hall sound system. The Trofeo Collection may be inspired by the world of racing, but it is uncompromising when it comes to luxury and comfort.

The duality of the Trofeo collection can be summarised by a push of a button. By activating the “corsa’ mode you’ll immediately experience a faster throttle response, quicker gear shifting and an even more powerful exhaust soundtrack, switching from road to track performer in an instant. Unleash the full Trofeo power with the Launch Control Electronic Aid which allows you to take off with a faster acceleration safely from a standing start. All of this racing integration is supported by the Vehicle Integrated Control System which anticipates any issues that could cause instability and counteracts it in the blink of an eye – for increased safety, better agility and greater driving exhilaration.

Discover the supreme elegance and power of the Trofeo Range at the Maserati Showroom.



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