The Jaguar F-Type

May 20, 2020

Jaguar has a history of sports cars. The F Type, like its predecessors is iconic. With the option of a coupe or a convertible, the F Type is the most dynamically capable, performance-focused sports car that Jaguar has ever produced.

With a sporty yet sophisticated look, the F-Type offers more than just performance, it offers style. The F-Type comes in a range of striking colours from a bright yellow to metallic black. The cabin of the F-type exudes luxury, with leather and suede cloth inner seat trim seats, metal-effect bright work and carbon fibre options as well as a somewhat laid-back driving position, the F-type is a highly polished sports car. On top of the wide colour selection, there are plenty of trims, rims and accessories to choose from. Contrasting brake calipers are always a nice touch when deciding on your perfect F-Type.

Although only a two seat vehicle, the F-type is spacious and provides a reasonable size boot with plenty of room for everyday essentials or a shopping trip. Although designed as a sports car, the F-Type can be comfortably used as an everyday car the F-Type comes with five years/130,000 km of free servicing included when you purchase the vehicle which gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be cared for, not only under warranty but also by our fantastic service team who pride themselves on taking the upmost care and precision when servicing your vehicle.

With the option of coupe or convertible you can truly enjoy the F-Type in a variety of ways and it can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, no matter what you do. It may not be built for a family but the F-Type is built for fun and sporting experience.

The F-Type is the perfect combination of sophistication and sports capability, with the comfort of being used as an everyday car the F-Type is extremely versatile regardless of whether you buy the coupe or the convertible.



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