The Ghibli Hybrid

October 13, 2021
We invited Sports Journalist, Radio and TV host, Sam McClure to take the Maserati Ghibli Hybrid for a drive down south. Here’s what the the Maserati ambassador had to say about the extraordinary sedan.

The hardest thing about getting in a Ghibli is getting out again.

It’s a five star hotel room once you settle in, close the door and hit the start button. Once that happens, I dare you turn her off, close the door and walk away. I had the luxury of test driving the new Ghibli Hybrid from the Barbagallo showroom in Osborne Park and driving south towards Margaret River.

If you’re like me and you love Maseratis because of the uniquely scintillating note that emanates from the exhaust, then I know what you’re thinking: Why would I swap a six cylinder for a four that’s helped along by electricity.

But if you’re also like me and you’re lucky enough to try one, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Maserati’s first attempt at an environmentally friendly car still has the style, the spunk and the speed that the Italian sports car manufacturer has made its name on. The exhaust even pops when you knock it into sports mode and change from second into third.

When you stretch her legs and settle into the open road, the peace and quiet of the engine stands out, which is great because it’s even more reason to enjoy the 15-speaker Bowers and Wilkins stereo system.

Sports cars by nature can be stiff and a little rigid when you’re negotiating windy roads. But not this one. The Ghibli is as smooth as it is slick and while remaining beautifully balanced.

I’ve been working with the Maserati brand for three years now and I’ve been lucky enough to drive all of their wonderful cars. I’m a closet ‘rev-head’, so the V8 purr of the GranTurismo will forever hold a special place in my heart. But for drivability, comfortability and overall practicality, I think I’ve found my new favourite.

Go in and try one for yourself.

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