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Ferrari -Interior Treatment

Permagard Fabric, Leather and Vinyl Conditioner

Permagard provides durable interior coating that creates a barrier to limit marks and stains. Its hyper-protective invisible guard forces liquids to simply ‘bead up’ on the surface of seats and upholstery. Vinyl and plastic surfaces hold a natural finish to keep that “new car” look and smell for much longer.

Preserves  your new interior look and smell.
Protects against cracking and fading caused by UV exposure.
Repels common spillages and dirt.
Reduces wear and dirt build-up that can cause friction.
Lifetime warranty on all new cars (T&C’s Apply)

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Permagard Paint Protection

With a high-performance, environmentally safe Reactive Polymer Technology, Permagard will protect your vehicle from substances that would usually require extensive cosmetic repairs, resprays or touch ups. Once the Permagard coating has been professionally applied, it chemically bonds to the painted surface, insulating and protecting the new paint from the extremes of the environment.

Ultra-gloss finish a ‘glass like’ finish which means no more waxing or polishing.
Reduced maintenance with self-cleaning properties, the protection repels dirt and grime.
Ultraviolet inhibiting technology guarantees gloss and paint won’t fade or oxidise.
Stain resistancethe first line of defence against animal and organic matter such as bird lime, bird poo, tree sap, insect etching, salt, road grime, liquid and water-based stains, sunscreen and industrial pollution.
Lifetime warranty on all new cars (T&C’s Apply)

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Sabre Window Film

Quality Nano Carbon Ceramic window tinting is one of the best and most effective ways to protect your vehicle. It blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays and reflects up to 70% of outside heat, reducing cabin temperatures by up to 8 degrees. Window film prolongs the life of vehicle interiors by reducing fading, as well as reducing air conditioning load. Our window film is warranted against fading, peeling and bubbling.


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