Rolls-Royce Whispers

A World for Owners Only

Rolls-Royce patrons are a unique subset of society – entrepreneurs, visionaries, heads of state, royalty, founders and the brightest stars of the entertainment industry. These clients are global denizens, connoisseurs, patrons of the arts, philanthropists, collectors of fine and exquisite items; individuals untethered by common constraints such as time and money.

This rarefied group of individuals wanted Rolls-Royce to facilitate a coming together of the extraordinary people who make up the marque’s worldwide client fraternity. Like-minded individuals, they sought to unlock the inimitable treasures that abound within the global Rolls-Royce community and wanted to share their interests, their tastes, their products and collections and their thinking amongst each other.

This is Whispers. A digital House of Rolls-Royce, Whispers acts as an entrepôt to a world that Rolls-Royce intimately and uniquely understands – a digital gateway to a curated world of luxury. It is the place to gain access to the inaccessible, to discover rare finds, to connect with like-minds, to be the first to receive news and offers, as well as accessing and managing your Rolls-Royce garage. It is all supported by a 24/7 concierge and of course it is complimentary.

To enrich your Rolls-Royce experience, visit Rolls-Royce Whispers, simply enter your unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and start enriching your Rolls-Royce experience today.

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