Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB arrives at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Perth

April 21, 2020

The creation of Phantom is the creation of legacy. Like the Siamese Fighting Fish, no two are ever the same. As the vision of the patron is melded by artisans, the legend is brought to life. The Phantom stands alone, powerful and beautiful. A Master of its domain.

The Phantom Extended Wheelbase is the authoritative statement of modern luxury. Its silhouette commands. Its lines and chrome detailing magnetize attention. The interior expands into an even more exceptional, personal space. One of one.

The quietest Rolls-Royce ever made, Phantom Extended Wheelbase is a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. Or a peerless venue for entertainment without a trace of background noise. Welcome to your inner sanctum. The interior of Phantom Extended Wheelbase naturally exudes opulence and peaceful serenity. Quality materials are all around, with the finest handpicked veneers and deep lambswool carpets. The Phantom’s rear cabin is a spacious and expansive acoustic haven, perfectly tuned for hearing music, conversation, or simply your own thoughts.

The Rolls-Royce name has always been synonymous with the most exacting levels of craftsmanship. Now, Phantom raises this to new levels of artistry. A worlds-first in automotive design, a single panel of glass spans the entire fascia to house a unique Gallery displaying bespoke artwork of your choice. Phantom is the canvas for your tastes and desires, made in your image, not for your image.

Sumptuous leather dresses the seats in Phantom Extended Wheelbase; tanned, stretched, shaped and lovingly stitched by master craftsmen. Once placed, they are complemented by handcrafted wood, lambswool, glass and artworks, creating a unity of luxuriance. When you sit and stretch, the world and the miles stretch away with you.

Beauty and comfort unite beneath the celestial canopy of Phantom’s iconic Starlight Headliner. 1,536 individually placed fibre-optic stars shine through tiny perforations in Phantom’s leather roof lining. Bespoke yours to depict any constellation, and witness shooting stars streak across the interior. Or align your stars into any bespoke graphic pattern, and have them shine in any colour. The stars are yours to command.

Experience the luxury of absolute privacy. The Privacy Suite marries the exceptional rear seat comfort of Phantom Extended Wheelbase with the indulgence of an entirely isolated rear cabin. At the touch of a button, the electrochromic glass switches from transparent to fully opaque, separating front and rear cabins to create total privacy in an instant. And frequency-specific insulation maintains unprecedented levels of acoustic separation, ensuring any discussions reach your ears only.



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