Rolls-Royce Cocktail Soirée at Crystal Club

June 4, 2024

Last Wednesday, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Perth transformed Crown Towers Perth for a night of elegance with an unforgettable cocktail soiree. Guests were greeted by a breathtaking display of the Rolls-Royce Spectre, setting the tone for an evening of luxury. The night began in The Waiting Room, where guests mingled with other-like minded individuals, creating an atmosphere of shared passion and excitement.

The night then continued at The Crystal Room, where guests were treated to a luxurious evening of food and drinks. We were honoured to have an exceptional cognac display by Louis XIII. The ambiance was further elevated by the enchanting melodies of Onyx Strings, who captivated everyone with their stunning performance, followed by the soulful tones of Champagne Duo.

It was an evening of unparalleled sophistication, celebrating the epitome of luxury and fine taste.




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