Lightness & Performance: Ferrari Carbon Fibre Wheels

July 14, 2021

In the world of motor racing, carbon fibre is a highly regarded and widely employed material. Known to be lightweight and robust, it is utilised for chassis, body panels, engine components, brake system and even wheels. For drivers craving for more performance out of your Ferrari, here is one way to complement it further: Ferrari Carbon Fibre Wheels.

Highest Manufacturing Standard
Ferrari Carbon Fibre Wheels have been engineered at the highest level and manufactured under the strictest condition. Each carbon fibre wheel is subjected to leak detection, 3D X-ray and tolerance checks. RTM (resin transfer molding) technology is employed to further guarantee extreme structural resistance.

TFP (tailored fibre placement) assisted construction further ensures every carbon fibre wheel is able to withstand the weight of car, drivetrain – all that torque sent to the wheels – and extreme heat from Ferrari’s high performance brakes.

At the end of the production line only a clear finishing coat, developed from aerospace technology, is applied. In the interest of weight saving, Ferrari Carbon Fibre Wheels are left unpainted. Yes, the carbon fibre is exposed in all its glory.

Besides giving an edge in the aesthetic department, the reduced unsprung mass from the lighter Ferrari Carbon Fibre Wheels ensures vast, notable improvements in your Ferrari’s overall performance and handling. Compared to a set of standard alloy wheel, the carbon fibre equivalent weighs on average 12 kg – or 40 percent – lighter, resulting in increased acceleration, sharper turn-in and more effective braking.

Extreme lightness, extreme performance: This is Ferrari Carbon Fibre Wheels.

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