Lamborghini Huracan EVO

April 20, 2020

The Huracan Evo arrived late 2019 at Barbagallo Lamborghini and was met with much excitement! The EVO is the evolution of the most successful V10- powered Lamborghini ever.

Standout features for this evolutionary model are its ability to anticipate and cater to the driver’s behaviour, expectations and desires. From the moment you push the power button, what you hear is what you feel. A naturally aspirated V10 engine that unleashes 640 CV and can achieve speeds of 325km/h.

With redefined aerodynamic solutions yet remaining true to the design philosophy Lamborghini is famous for, the EVO is able to adopt unmistakable stylistic elements that remind car lovers around the world of previous high performance Lamborghini models.

Available for private viewing appointments make sure you contact Barbagallo Lamborghini to register your interest for this evolution in performance car history.




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