Is it worth investing in window tint?

May 7, 2020

Window tinting not only protects your car, it also protects you! Quality ceramic window tinting is one of the best and most effective ways to protect your vehicle. With infrared heat reduction of up to 70%, blocking 99% of UV rays and a 60% glare reduction, window tinting is the perfect protection for yourself and your vehicle.

Tinting will also prolong the life of the vehicle interior by reducing fading, proves more economical in the running of the vehicle by reducing your air con load. Our window film is warranted against fading, peeling and bubbling.

Further, window tinting adds an extra layer onto the glass which can offer some strengthening qualities. This can assists if the glass if it is hit by an object, it is less likely to shatter.

In Australia it is well known how damaging the sun can be, the Cancer Council has stated ‘Clear or tinted films and window covers on the side and rear windows of vehicles can provide protection by substantially reducing the amount of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is transmitted through glass’. Protecting and maintaining the interior of your luxury vehicle is essential and tinting your windows is the perfect way to do this.

As well as protection, window tinting also provide privacy and security when driving your vehicle as well as when it is parked.

When purchasing a luxury vehicle from Barbagallo Motors, the investment in window tinting will provide more than a nice finish to the windows, it will provide protection to not only your vehicle but also you. All our tinting is done in-house at the dealership and we are so confident in the quality of work that Barbagallo Motors will carry the warranty of your tint not a third party.

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