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Protect Yourself And Your Vehicle

Depending on your policy, vehicle insurance protects you against financial loss for damages resulting from vehicle accidents, theft, weather events and in the case of causing personal injury. Higher level coverage may cover the the repair or replacement costs of your vehicle, and even the cost of loan vehicle should you require. Read the PDS before deciding if a policy is right for you.

Frequent Questions About Vehicle Insurance

  • Can anyone apply for vehicle insurance?

    Yes, if you have a current driver's licence. When applying, you may need to disclose previous accidents and/or insurance claims, the details of which may preclude you from particular policies or promotional rates.

  • Where can I find your Product Disclosure Statement?

    Please get in touch with our Finance Team to get a get a PDS for the Barbagallo Loan or Motor Equity Insurance policy.

  • Is vehicle insurance tax deductible?

    You can claim a deduction for work-related car expenses, including vehicle insurance, in limited circumstances. You will need to seek independent tax advice relating to your individual situation.

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