At home with Maserati

April 24, 2020

Maserati launched their at home with My Maserati social campaign in response to the COVID-19 Lockdown phase throughout the world. The Italian car maker wants to continue sharing their passion for motoring knowing that it inspires and unites people around the world.

The brand has encouraged all Maserati owners ‘to keep distance today, to come closer tomorrow’ with their At Home with My Maserati social campaign. Owners are encouraged to capture a picture of their Maserati at home and hashtag the phrase #AtHomeWithMyMaserati

The campaign has gone viral with a fantastic result and some of the images being posted are incredible. Not only is this campaign allowing a little insight into the prestigious lives of Maserati owners but its message is helping spread community safety by encouraging all to stay home and stay isolated.

Maserati understands that its passion that powers and unites us, but to get through this we must remember to keep distance today, to come closer tomorrow!



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