All new Land Rover Defender

April 21, 2020

​Due to arrive later this year, Barbagallo Land Rover are excited to be able to launch the all new Land Rover Defender to the people of Perth.

The new Defender will represent 70 years of innovation and improvement, honouring the vehicles history for rugged density while thorough remaining a Defender made for the 21st Century. Land Rover have highlighted one of the biggest improvements to this all-terrain vehicle being its capability. The Defender is said to be able to handle extreme terrains, and confidently take you from the urban jungle, to shifting sands and icy environments. For those of you who like to dream bigger, push harder, go above and beyond, than the Defender is the 4WD for you!

With all-terrain capability, the Defender will help you uncover new territories which in WA can be easily done with a drive up north or with the easily accessible 4WD spots well known to many. The Defender’s extraordinary all-terrain capabilities and permanent All Wheel Drive make it unstoppable. Both off and on-road. When taking this vehicle off-road, a twin-speed transfer box, Electronic Active Differential and the largest tyre family in the whole of Land Rover make the Defender the most capable Land Rover ever.

Supreme geometry strengthens the vehicle’s all-terrain capability. Its approach angle is 38 degrees. This is coupled with a break over angle of up to 31 degrees and a departure angle of 40 degrees. As competent on-road as it is off, enjoy refined comfort with independent front and rear suspension, and a choice of coil suspension, or Electronic Air Suspension with Adaptive Dynamics.

Never compromise with the Defender.The dynamic carrying load allows for up to 168kg. And Defender’s static load of 300kg lets you make more of your adventure. So if you want to stay the night, the Rooftop Tent might be an extra you should consider.

If interested in finding out more about the all new Land Rover Defender be sure to contact Barbagallo Land Rover.



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