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SABRE Window Film

SABRE Window Film

Quality titanium window tinting is one of the best and most effective ways to protect your vehicle. It blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays and reflects up to 62% of outside heat thus reducing cabin temperature by 8 degrees. Window film will also prolong the life of the vehicle interior by reducing fading, proves more economical in the running of the vehicle by reducing your air con load. Our window film is warranted against fading, peeling and bubbling.

PERMAGARD Fabric, Leather & Vinyl Conditioner

PERMAGARD Fabric, Leather & Vinyl Conditioner

PERMAGARD Interior protection provides a highly effective and resilient barrier against stains and spills. It seals fabric and carpet fibres creating a barrier against marks and perspiration. Reduces wear on fabric and carpet by eliminating friction from trapped dirt particles between fibres. Ideal for pet owners. Our Leather Conditioner keeps leather supple and continually conditioned, maintaining the natural texture and appearance of leather. Safe and effective on all leather types. All interior protection contains UV Inhibitors . PERMAGARD Interior Protection is applied to seats, carpets, boot area, dash, console, trims and kick panels.

PERMAGARD Paint Protection

PERMAGARD paint protection is the world’s most advanced paint protection system designed specifically for automotive use. It is so outstanding that it’s been certified to meet the Boeing D6-17487 specification.

This means it’s been tested, proven and certified to the stringent standards set out for Boeing compatible products. PERMAGARD paint protection benefits include:

  • Abrasion resistant properties
  • Helps prevent permanent damage caused by water marks and sunscreen
  • Revolutionary high gloss finish
  • Resists extremely high temperatures
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance
  • Keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer
  • Protects against damage caused by common environmental contaminants
  • UV inhibitors prevent UV induced discolouration and fading
  • Professionally applied