Running of the Bulls

Published 05/07/17

Lamborghini recently held a special drive day for clients- The Running Of The Bulls.

To add an extra special touch to the day, Barbagallo Lamborghini had some of the children of Telethon Type 1 Diabetes come out to the dealership to have photos take with the cars and to watch them set off for the day.

Guests were given a specific drive route to take their cars on scenic roads and given the opportunity to put the full potential of their Lamborghinis to the test.

The half way point saw the guests stop in at the Henley Brook for lunch and indulge on delicious meals provided by the venue.

The beautiful weather topped the day off and a fantastic time was had by all who could attend.

For more photo’s from the event and to see the official video, please visit our Facebook page @lamborghiniperth