Permagard Paint Protection

Paint protection offers more than meets the eye. Barbagallo Motors is proud to apply Permagard, who is the global leader in exterior and interior protection. Permagard is the only brand approved by Airbus and Boeing and is used by both Qantas and Virgin Australia. With a high-performance, environmentally safe Reactive Polymer Technology, Permagard will protect your vehicle from substances that would usually require extensive cosmetic repairs that would require resprays or touch ups.

Once the Permagard coating has been professionally applied to your vehicle, it chemically bonds to the painted surface completely insulating and protecting the new paint from the extremes of the environment.

Some of the fantastic features that Permagard provides includes:

  • Ultra gloss finish – a ‘glass like’ finish over and above the factory paint scheme which means no more waxing or polishing
  • Reduced maintenance – with self-cleaning properties, the protection repels dirt & grime which makes your vehicle easier to wash
  • Ultra violet inhibiting technology – guarantees gloss and paint won’t fade or oxidise
  • Stain resistance - The first line of chemically bonded defence against animal and organic matter such as bird lime, bird poo, tree sap, insect etching, salt, road grime, liquid & water based stains, sunscreen and industrial pollution.

Permagard ensures that your vehicle maintains an immaculate finish in between washes and only requires a PH Neutral Shampoo wash then chamois dry to enhance its iridescent glaze.

All of Permagard’s products and services are backed with ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO9001 (Quality) certifications, to ensure your vehicle is masked with the best preventative measure against all threats.

Permagard, like Barbagallo is focused on exceeding customer expectations and only entrust professionals to apply their paint protection. With so many fantastic perks, Permagard paint protection is a worthy investment in your luxury vehicle from Barbagallo Motors.

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