Company Profile

Originating from a modest four-car mechanic workshop on Oxford Street in Leederville, the Barbagallo Group was founded by brothers Alf and Tony Barbagallo in 1967. From its humble beginnings, the automotive arm of the company has grown to a multi-franchise operation, distributing over twenty automotive brands across three locations in the Perth metropolitan area. It has continued in the strong entrepreneurial tradition with ownership and management held by second generation family members, with Vince Barbagallo overseeing its current automotive operation as Managing Director.

Barbagallo has become renowned for expertise in motoring excellence, particularly across the luxury motoring segment. As such, it is entrusted as the sole distributor for Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Jaguar new vehicles sales in Western Australia. However, the company’s knowledge in automotive retailing excellence also extends to the distribution of brands that operate in more competitive markets, with the organisation operating highly successfully Volvo and Land Rover. Consistently high sales across many of these brands volumes have supported the company opening multi-site operations. To complement its booming vehicle retailing business, Barbagallo also established a smaller branch of boat sales, namely the luxury Sunseeker range and premier trailer manufacturer, Protector. Barbagallo has continued to broaden its scope to become the largest pre-owned luxury vehicle business in WA and additionally, an automotive Service, Tyres, Parts, Accessories and Merchandise retailer.

Barbagallo’s core values are rooted in dedication to top customer service. Whether you’re a ‘Suburban Adventurer’ tackling inner city curbs with ease, or, an ‘Economical Sportster’, zipping through traffic in-style, Barbagallo’s trained sales team use their extensive knowledge to find the best drive for you. The wide scope of brands and business units offered across our operations stems from continual product and sales training; ensuring they are equipped to cater to any automotive need. This is testimony to Barbagallo’s beliefs that there are different cars for different people at any every stage in life.

Since its inception, the Barbagallo Group has accumulated more than 47 years of operational experience in the motoring industry. Over this time it has superseded all other dealership in Australia, holding the rights to the sale of new vehicles for a unique combination of brands. This experience, combined with an outstanding customer service ethic, means that Barbagallo is unrivalled as the car dealership of choice – matching the right car to the right person.

Barbagallo also has its own publishing house, responsible for the production and distribution of Box Magazine, Australia’s leading luxury lifestyle publication; Watch, Australia’s only dedicated timepiece publication; and SALT, the Sunseeker owners’ magazine for Australia and New Zealand.

Further to its commercial objectives, the Barbagallo Group has a strong commitment to supporting children’s health and welfare issues, founding and taking an active role in fundraising for its self-managed charity ToyBox International.

Barbagallo. More than the drive.