Why the Fiat 500 is the perfect first car

May 19, 2020

The decision to purchase a Fiat 500 is one you won’t regret. Handling like a go-kart but road legal, a Fiat 500 is the definition of fun.

Looks can be deceiving with the 500, you can fit a surprising amount in the relatively small boot and can comfortably sit four average sized adults. Although a small boot can be limiting at times, you have the benefit of being able to lay the back seats down which provides far more room if required.

With the option of a convertible, the 500 couldn’t get any cuter. There are also a range of stylish colours and trims to choose from. This makes the customisation process even more enjoyable.

Comfort is necessary in any car. The necessity for comfort increases when learning to drive and also when you face the roads by yourself for the first time. The 500 is easy to drive with the added benefit of cruise control and Apple Car Play or Android Auto. Parking is a breeze in a 500, you can easily slot into any bay, making a morning coffee stop or shopping even easier.

The 500 is all around fun, it drives and handles easily while still being practical and safe at the same time. Driving a 500 is an experience like no other and makes you want to remain loyal to the brand going into the future. Like every car, it has its quirks but there is something special about the 500 that makes the car so enjoyable.

The iconic Italian car brings a smile to your face not only when driving but when you approach it in your garage. It’s the perfect first car for anyone.



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