The Volvo XC40

April 1, 2021

Unplug and play.

Discover the compact Scandinavian SUV – designed for the city, and the rest of the world.

The bold and expressive SUV body meets compact efficiency, allowing you to explore the heart of the city without blending into the crowd. Every inch of the XC40 is innovated with flexible storage solutions –  customisable bag hooks, large door bins and hidden compartments. The open-and-tilt panoramic roof opens skies at your fingertips and lets you instantly enjoy the air and view outdoors Exclusive style configurations combine exquisite materials and advanced technology. Momentum makes luxury standard,  R-Design emphasises sporty elegance, and Inscription sets the bar for sophistication.

Four high-definition cameras give you a 360° bird’s eye parking view so you can breeze in and out of any confined space with confidence. Intelligent driver assist technology can detect and help you avoid a collision with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals – day or night.

Driver assist with cross traffic alert makes it easy to find your way out of a tight spot, with warnings for approaching vehicles and auto brake for imminent collisions. The blind spot information system (BLIS™) with steer assist can ease tension in busy traffic with alerts and active support, guiding you and your loved ones back on track Real-time data, cloud-based communication and lane assistance helps you and others prepare for what’s ahead, behind and all around you. 

Our advanced turbocharged powertrains bring you the performance you need without compromising on fuel efficiency. Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ keep things simple by unlocking seamless control of integrated entertainment options.

Supportive driver assistance technology provides smooth control and can help you maintain a safe distance to cars in front by adapting your speed as well as helping keep you centred in the lane through subtle steering adjustments. The high seating position of the XC40 gives great visibility and with intelligent all-wheel drive technology that provides extra traction, you will always feel in control. The XC40 features a dedicated smartphone storage space that makes it easy to wirelessly charge your device and keep you from getting your cables crossed on the road.

Aesthetic, practical and offering a refined driving experience, you’ll want to see the XC40 for yourself. Visit our Volvo showroom or head to to take a closer look. 



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