Aston Martin Racing Green

April 29, 2022

Racing Green

Aston Martin is embracing a new, driving ambition: to be a world-leading sustainable ultra-luxury automotive business. This ambition is the central objective of their new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, Racing. Green.

Their ESG strategy embeds principles and goals that will continue to power Aston Martin’s progress. It makes sustainability more than one part of what we do; it makes sustainability part of everything we do.

Tackling Climate Change

Aston Martin is transforming their products and the way they are manufactured to help tackle climate change. In 2024 Aston Martin will launch Valhalla, their first Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), followed by their first Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) targeted for launch in 2025 and a fully electrified Sport/GT and SUV portfolio by 2030. They are aiming to achieve net-zero emissions within their manufacturing facilities by 2030, and across the supply chain by 2039.

Creating a Better Environment 

The brand is targeting the elimination of plastic packaging waste by 2025, the reduction of water consumption by 15% by the same year, and maximisation their use of sustainable materials. Aston Martin will also enhance biodiversity across their sites, which are home to a host of species including birds such as the Grasshopper Warbler.

Find out more about Aston Martin’s sustainability strategy, Racing. Green. and how they are performing by downloading the sustainability report.



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